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Divulge to me your most hidden fantasies, and I will breathe them to life. Submissives who approach me with an eagerness to please and obey will earn the privilege of knowing my skilled fingers and wicked instinct. As a conjurer of sensuality, I feed off of the power to manipulate your most base desires. I alone will decide if you deserve pleasure or to be left in torment. Under my control, you may release your burdens and assume your rightful place at my feet.


About Me



I've always been drawn to the dark and perverse from a young age. When I turned 18, I started seriously exploring the various realms of kink. The Bay Area has been a delightfully wicked playground for me to become rich in experience. I’ve played professionally at The Gates since June 2015, which has allowed me to hone my craft in taking my submissive right to the edge while always keeping them safe.



As your Mistress, there are a wide variety of activities that give me pleasure. If you do not see the activity of your desire listed, send me a serious inquiry and we can discuss our compatibility.

Impact Play:     Caning, Whipping, Flogging, Spanking, Paddling,                             Slapping, CBT, Belting, Trampling

Medical Play:    Sounding, Piercing, Stapling, Enemas,                                               Examination

Sensory Play:    Sensory Deprivation, Tickling, Wax Play, Breath                               Play, Nipple Torture, Knife Play, Electricity Play,                               Clothespins

Bondage:           Rope, Metal, Leather, Predicament, Caging,                                       Mummification  

Feminization:   Goddess/Femme Training, Make-up Application,                               Dress-up, Dancing


Slave Training: Verbal, Spitting, Human Furniture, G/S,                                             Obedience Training, Chastity, Financial                                             Domination, Pet Play, Photography, Body Writing

Fetish:                Latex Worship, Food Play, Smoking, Balloon                                    Play,  Stocking/Shoe/Foot Worship, Hair Worship

Role Play:          Inquire with me about a scenario you would enjoy



I do not offer any form sex with a client under any circumstances. I do not take dominant clients of any kind.I do not offer brown or roman showers. I do not offer worship only sessions. Goddess worship is a reward that you earn for being a good submissive, not an expectation. I may make exceptions for foot worship only clients.




Love Letters


Book Me

Booking Etiquette


Submissives who would like to book with me must inquire through email at least two days before the desired session date. You may email me directly at booking@mistresskorakane.com to schedule. Please note that I do require a deposit to confirm a session booking. This deposit is meant to show me that you are a serious client and secure a dungeon rental, and it will be deducted from your tribute at the time of the session.


First time clients 

When emailing me with a session inquiry, include the following:

Your name, desired session dates/times, activity interests, and any references of previous professional dommes you have seen in the past.     

Keep in mind that first impressions matter, so it is wise to be on your best behavior.

A Note On Covid-19

Health safety is more important than ever amidst this pandemic that the world is facing. Sanitation has always been a top priority in my practice, and I will continue to follow strict cleaning protocols before and after every session. I require clients to show up to session with a face mask on when they arrive. I will also check your temperature with a no-contact thermometer before beginning negotiation of our scene. I highly encourage you to check your own temperature before arriving to our session, as any client with a fever will be turned away and unable to reschedule for a minimum of two weeks.   

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All content and images © 2017 Kora Kane unless otherwise noted.  No sex or sexual services are offered or implied. Sessions do not include any illegal activities and consist only of safe and consensual activities. Legal Notice: With reference to California Penal Code section 647(b) and CALCRIM Nos. 1153 to 1155, the services discussed herein do not in any way include or relate to either (1) engagement in any lewd act for money or other consideration, or (2) solicitation, offer, or agreement to engage in any lewd act for money or other consideration.


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